Living Room Furniture

Style and comfort all in one

The living room is the hub of any home, but no one is going to want to hang out if the room is uncomfortable or unwelcoming. If you're considering making over your space, make sure you get it right by choosing the style that fits your life.

Defining Your Room

It's not necessary to have every piece match your desired theme, but sticking to a general tone will keep your room cohesive. Fortunately, there are a variety of styles to choose from and numerous living room sets to meet any style criteria.

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Country living room furniture leans toward a cozy, lived-in look. Overstuffed chairs and sofas and distressed or natural finish end tables and coffee tables are a great place to start for this look. However, if your style is more edgy than rustic, try contemporary living room furniture pieces. Sleek leather living room furniture accessorized with an offbeat table lamp and artwork, or even modern living room furniture that puts a twist on retro pieces from the 1950s and '60s, will give you the eye-catching look you're going for.

Regardless of style, consider longevity when choosing pieces for your redesign. Living room furniture is an investment, so steer clear of fad pieces that you'll tire of quickly. For those on a budget, stretch your money over the years with traditional living room furniture, such as neutral sofas and basic wood tables. And despite the temptation, stay away from cheap living room furniture (that is, cheaply made furniture), as it will end up costing you more in the long run. To find the best deals on quality furniture, try a living room set – buying multiple pieces at once can mean deep discounts.

Top Pieces of Living Room Furniture:


The perfect complement to a living room chair is the perfect ottoman. While they may seem like a space-sucker, even in small quarters an ottoman or footstool can be a practical furniture choice. Storage ottomans are fantastic for keeping your living room clean, as you can store away blankets or coffee table books and only take them out when you need them. Coffee table ottomans also do double duty, so you can pick and choose their purpose for different occasions.

From a style standpoint, you can go way beyond the traditional chair ottomans. Sleek leather ottomans or classy cocktail ottomans add a finished look to your room, and a sense of glamour to your space. However, if you don't have a lot of room, a small and simple cube ottoman or footstool can be tucked away and pulled out only when necessary.

Coffee Tables

A coffee table is a must-have for any living room, whether it's for resting your glass or your feet. Practical pieces, like a trunk coffee table (or lift top coffee table) can add storage to your space, but a coffee table can also be used to add character to a room and solidify your style. A small decision, such as switching from a square coffee table to a round coffee table can be all it takes to make a big impact.

For those who want their decor to be edgy, a contemporary coffee table will make a statement. Look for pieces that go beyond a traditional oak or pine coffee table and incorporate interesting materials. A streamlined glass coffee table with metal accents makes a statement, or if you want to go completely off the beaten path, try something wild like an aquarium coffee table! For a more classic look, an antique coffee table can add sophistication and elegance.

End Tables

For many, an end table, side table or magazine table is just an extension of the coffee table, so it's no wonder these table types are often bought in sets. They can match the style of your room, such as an antique end table with an antique coffee table, or you can add a fun twist and mix and match them to complement other pieces in your space.

If you want your end tables to blend in or almost disappear in your room, a glass end table or a round end table that streamlines your couch are great choices. However, if you want to make a statement and add some quirkiness to your space, contemporary end tables are the way to go. Available in fun colors and unique shapes that are almost sculptural in many ways, they can add a boost to any living room decor.

TV Stands

TVs are not the most appealing to the eye, so choosing the right television stand, entertainment center or TV cabinet is important. Many people go so far as to hide their televisions in a pop up TV cabinet, but an attractive pedestal stand can serve just as well aesthetically, dressing up the TV and making it a focal point.

Remember, space also matters when shopping for TV stands. If you're in a tight area, consider a corner TV stand, or even a corner entertainment center where you can house all your media pieces. Wall mount TV stands are another great space-saving option. If you have more space (and a bigger TV), a lavish big screen entertainment center can wow guests as they enter your room. One shopping tip, however – regardless of size, if you have a newer, widescreen TV, be sure to look for LCD and plasma TV stands that are built for that particular shape.

Defining Your Space

Arranging living room furniture should be a consideration long before buying, as it's the functionality of your living room that makes it welcoming to occupants. Although the TV is often the focal point of a living room, think about where you can set up conversation areas as well. In front of a fireplace or in a cozy nook are great places for people to relax, share a drink and make conversation.

When it comes time to buy, keep the size of your space in mind. Don't be wooed by a fabulous sofa, only to find it simply won't work in your room. Large furniture that overwhelms a room or small furniture that gets lost in the space can completely ruin your room's feel, so be sure to look for furniture that complements size and allows the room to flow.