Large wall clocks are functional and artistic

In the digital age, the faces and hands of wall clocks do much more than tell time -- they offer a comforting feeling of, pardon the pun, timelessness. And like any piece hanging on the walls in your home, stylish large wall clocks can be decorative pieces of art for you and your guests to enjoy.

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Some large, decorative wall clocks are even made from another artistic piece, such as a painted canvas or a ceramic platter. Others don't have a face at all, with the hands and numbers arranged as separate parts that hang directly on your wall.

Make a Bold Statement with Antique Clocks

Whether it's the teasing chirp of a cuckoo clock or the dignified gong of a grandfather clock, some antique clocks will literally make a loud statement for you. Old clocks with functioning sound, announcing each hour and maybe even each half-hour, draw the attention of both the ear and the eye.

An antique clock will be a central piece in whatever room it's located, so you want to choose that piece carefully and ensure it complements the overall feel you are trying to achieve. The frames of many antique clocks are wood, which is a versatile home decor material, but not a universal one. An antique grandfather clock that fits perfectly with the leather furniture and book shelves of a cozy living room would seem awkwardly out of place in an industrial-style loft, for example.

The Finishing Touch of Mantle Clocks

Despite their name, mantle clocks don't just look nice on a mantle; in an appropriate room, such as the dining room or living room, they can work stylistically on any flat, eye-level surface, even entertainment centers. Common looks for mantle clocks include a wooden semi-circle or wave frame, a metallic frame with exposed gears in a glass dome, or a square or rectangular frame with pillars on either side of the face.

Traditionally, a mantle clock sits in the center of the mantle, directly above the fireplace, but you should feel free to try out different placements until you find one that works with any other decorations sharing the same surface as the clock, especially if that surface is not a mantle at all.