End Tables

Finish your living room with contemporary end tables

From a design perspective, end tables serve several purposes. They can help pull the look of your living room together and give it an overall sense of unity, especially if they match or complement the coffee table. On the other hand, if they are bright or have a bold design, they can provide points of real visual interest. Additionally, an end table between the sections of a sectional sofa can do wonders as an accent to break up its otherwise potentially monotonous presence.

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Functionally, end tables often multi-task as well. The perfect spot for your soda or coffee, end tables keep your drink or snack conveniently at-hand. They provide a platform for your table lamps and, if designed with little shelves or racks underneath, also provide great tucked-away storage that can be used as anything from television remote control holders to magazine holders.

Keep It Classic with Oak End Tables

Oak is an easy choice for end tables because it is traditional, attractive and lasting. Maple is another good table wood that's more on the blond end of the wood color spectrum, or if you prefer a darker color palette for your living room, look at walnut or cherry.

Just because wood is traditional doesn't mean it has to be plain or boring, though. There are a lot of different shapes and designs to choose from, as well as detailing such as hand carving or mixed-material options such as wood-and-glass end tables.

Will Wicker End Tables Work?

Wood end tables are classy and tasteful, but if you want to get away from what's safe and go for something a bit more daring to pull off with modern flair, wicker is a really fun choice -- not to mention the most sensible choice if you like to rearrange your living room furniture set-up on a regular basis, since it's so lightweight.

The most important thing to look at is whether wicker end tables will complement your current or proposed pieces for the room, particularly your sofa. White wicker tables might not be the best choice to go with a black leather furniture set, for example.