Rocking Chairs

Relax in a rocking chair or glider

Quality rocking chairs or gliders can add a great deal of character to your home. They mesh nicely with both traditional and modern decor, and rocking chairs are so comfortable that they often become the seat of choice for guests and home residents alike.

Although some people look at the rocking chair as a relic of the past, modern rocker armchair designs fuse perfectly with contemporary home furnishings. Given that rocking chairs are available in wicker, wood and metal styles, they can seamlessly match up with even the most daring interior design motifs. Mothers with newborn babies still rock their children to sleep at night, and a baby's nursery will often include a rocker recliner or armchair glider to make rocking easier.

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Features of a Good Glider Rocker

Many people don't know what features to look for when shopping for a rocker armchair. Some of the questions you should keep in mind include:

  • Is the seat comfortable? Look for a seat that's neither too narrow nor too wide.
  • Are the chair arms long enough for both your hands and your arms?
  • Is the glider or rocking mechanism smooth and quiet?
  • Is the wood free of hairline cracks, burrs and other flaws?
  • If the chair has a cushion, is the material relatively easy to clean? Is the cushion replaceable?

Sourcing Quality Antique Rocking Chairs

Finding a new, used or antique rocking chair isn't difficult when you know where to look. You can start by trying out conventional furniture stores, but be sure to check online for local used furniture and antique markets. Antique rocking chairs and Amish rocking chairs look great in homes with traditional décor and come with many different wood stains and fabric covers; however, you should always apply a protective coating to antique rocking chairs to ensure you can enjoy the piece for years to come.

Classified ads are another good source of vintage glider chairs. If your search doesn't immediately yield a piece that captures your fancy, you can also place an "item wanted" ad and let vendors come to you with furniture and rocker recliners that match your needs. Also, be sure to check flea markets, garage sales and secondhand stores in your local area to snap up bargains when they appear.