Throw Pillows

Add life to your living room with decorative throw pillows

There are few ways of freshening up the look of your living room that are quicker and easier than the addition of a few decorative throw pillows.

Throw pillows can bring the various colors of the living room together, or they can add a splash of bold brightness to a living room with a neutral palette. They can reflect the latest design trend, the current season or even your present mood; unlike a new furniture set or a new paint color on the walls, throw pillows offer you a means of modifying the color scheme and style of your living room without making any long-term commitment of time and money, or even a long-term commitment to the style itself.

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DIY Decorative Accent Pillows

If you don't have the budget or the storage space to accommodate several sets of sofa pillows, then sewing slip covers for your throw pillows from materials of your choice provides you with endless one-step opportunities to change up their look. This is also a great option if there is a particular piece of beautiful fabric you'd like to keep and incorporate in your living room decor for sentimental reasons -- from an old quilt or bridesmaid's dress, for example.

Lacking the equipment or the confidence in your skills for becoming a seamstress? That shouldn't interfere with your success in creating a variety customized throw pillows -- or, at least, your success in creating the appearance of a variety of customized throw pillows.

Simply lay the piece of fabric you wish to cover the pillow with on a table, and place the pillow on top, in the center of it. Draw all sides of the material around up the pillow, bringing the edges of the material toward the center of the side of the pillow facing up toward you (sort of like you were wrapping a gift), and tie them together with a piece of string or strong thread, or even an elastic band.

Once the messy side of the pillow is propped up against one of your sofas, no one will be able to tell the difference. Many professionally made contemporary throw pillows skip the extra decorative frills like buttons and tassels, so your improvised slip covers will be impressive in their stylish simplicity.