Enjoy your home all year with a sunroom addition

Every winter, many people living in the northern hemisphere experience seasonal affective disorder, or SAD. Sufferers of SAD often experience many of the symptoms of clinical depression, such as a reduced interest in activities, a lack of energy bordering on complete lethargy and a tendency to overeat.

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Combating SAD, or even just the general winter blues, through increased exposure to natural light is just one of the many benefits of having a sunroom in your home -- provided, of course, that if you live in a cold-weather climate, you have made the wise decision to provide heating in your sunroom, either through your home's energy system or with space heaters.

The truth is that sunrooms can offer warm, bright, happy comfort year-round, not just in the winter. They are the ideal place to read, relax with a cup of tea or even take a nap in your cozy new sunroom furniture. And adding that cheerful, window-filled space to your home might be easier than you think.

Professionally Installed Sunroom Additions

Adding a sunroom can mean the actual construction of an addition onto your home, or perhaps just the renovation of an existing room. Find a reputable contractor or, better yet, a company that specializes in sunroom manufacturing and installation, such as Four Seasons Sunrooms, and get a couple of comparative quotes before making any decisions.

DIY Patio Sunrooms

Adding an actual complete room to your home may require the use of a professional builder, but it is certainly not the only way to get your very own new sunroom. If your home has a deck or porch, or if you are planning to add one, then you can upgrade that deck or porch to a sun porch with a self-installed sunroom kit. Sunroom kits include all the materials and instructions you need to easily turn your existing outdoor space into indoor space.

Whether you have an expert renovate your home, or you opt for a do-it-yourself enclosure over your patio, be sure the glass is UV-protected, so that you can be confident that spending time soaking up the rays in your sunroom really is good for your health.