Sunroom Accessories

Sunroom decor and accessories to complement your style

A sunroom is a fun and exciting space to decorate. It naturally lends itself to many different styles, but with any of them, the overall ambience is cheerful and refreshing.

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When it comes to choosing accessories for your sunroom, keep it simple and stick to a few key, impressive pieces. Remember: your most important decorative accessory comes streaming in through your sunroom windows every day, and you want to let it…well, shine.

Ideas for Getting Started with Your Sunroom Decor

If you already have your sunroom furniture picked out, then you're well on your way because you will be able to choose accessories that complement that furniture. Throw pillows and small rugs in bright colors and simple patterns are excellent ways to begin the process of accessorizing your sunroom.

A sophisticated-looking timepiece is another classic sunroom accessory. Large decorative clocks for sunrooms tend to be round (that is, a round face with no square or rectangular frame) or completely faceless (the numbers are mounted directly on to the wall, around the hands in a circular pattern).

A large round clock for your sunroom is a playful accessory because it parallels the way the round sun also tells time, and it's also a practical accessory because it's easy to lose track of time in the tranquil brightness of a quiet sunroom. If you really want to play up the sun-themed angle, a large stone sundial makes a uniquely eye-catching piece, although it's not ideal for telling the hour.

Thematic Sunroom Design

Lacking confidence in your decorating abilities? Consider embracing a theme for your sunroom. A design theme will give you a good place to start and general guidelines to follow as you put a finished look together -- but again, don't over-do it, or it will look kitschy instead of cute. Here are a few examples of some themes, and the sunroom accessories that would be enough to make them happen:

  • Cottage-cozy. Round braided mat, embroidered throw pillows, and a hanging wooden birdhouse.
  • Beach-fresh. Turquoise-tinted glass vases with wildflowers, clear jars half-filled with sand, pebbles and seashells, and miniature palm trees.
  • Jungle-inspired. Leather sofa, lots of ferns, and a dark-toned jacquard area rug.
  • Nautical nook. Wall-mounted brass anchor, driftwood candle holders, and a framed photo of a lighthouse on the mantle or shelving.