Sunroom Furniture

Wicker sunroom furniture to brighten your space

When furnishing your sunroom, you really want to make the most of the sunny atmosphere that a sunroom provides. Wicker is an extremely popular choice for sunroom furniture choice for a few reasons.

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Design-wise, a sunroom is supposed to feel light and airy, and wicker sunroom furniture certainly fits the bill for encouraging that light and airy atmosphere. And wicker seat cushions are usually separate from the wicker pieces themselves, allowing you to customize your sunroom furniture by choosing cushions that match your choice of color palette for the room.

In practical terms, high-quality wicker furniture is resistant to the sun and unlikely to show noticeable damage from daily exposure in your sunroom. But if wicker's not the ideal sunroom furniture choice for you, there are also other appealing options.

Keep It Simple with Porch Furniture

You can furnish your sunroom with back to basics pieces that give it the feeling of a covered porch: indoor furniture with an outdoor feel. With a cottage-style wooden patio chair and coffee stable set in your sunroom, all you need are some brightly colored patio furniture cushions for a dash of cheery visual interest and truly comfortable lounging -- and maybe your choice of trendy mini wine fridges, too, so that you can tuck yourself away with your guests in your relaxing sunroom space and experience truly effortless entertaining.

Add Formal Style with Sitting Room Furniture

On the other end of the style spectrum, an alternative to embracing the so-sunny-you're-almost-outside feel of a sunroom with wicker or wooden cottage-style furniture is to choose really comfortable, light-fabric upholstered sitting room furniture instead. This decorating approach can work especially well if your sunroom is an actual room in your home, as opposed to a converted patio.

You can still complement the lightness and brightness of the sunroom with a full living room set by choosing not only light-fabric upholstery, but a light-colored upholstery as well. Adding a couple of recliners will provide you and your household or guests with a cozy spot to read a book or just soak up the warmth of the sun.